Pulse Master

Pulse Master 6.60

Is a neat Audio player which supports most of the popular audio formats
6.60 (See all)

Pulse Master is an audio player that can be used by professionals and amateurs. It allows you to control music tempo without changing the pitch of the song or to change the pitch without distorting music tempo. It supports most of the popular audio formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, Ogg Vorbis files and audio CDs. And, when you modify a song, then, you can record the changes in a new MP3 file. Pulse Master also allows musicians to change the music key to match with their voice range or the tune of their musical instrument. Pulse Master includes an equalizer which offers you the possibility of improving the quality of the audio and you can delete the vocal part of the audio. Besides, Pulse Master has the option to burn CD, if you want to save your changes in an audio CD. Pulse Master can be used as a dictation tool for typing jobs. And it can also be used by choreographers that need to adapt the music to their skills or any other person that wants to have fun speeding up his favourite song.

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  • Basic but user-friendly interface


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